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Lee Wolfe Blum

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On May 6, 2017
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Our culture bombards women with "thinspiration" messages and pressure to "do it all" while wearing the mask of perfection.

Women are left feeling alone and overwhelmed. How can they stop comparing themselves to others? How can they live out who they really are?

Lee Wolfe Blum offers stories from everyday women who have answered these questions with their lives-and found true beauty in the process. In Brave Is the New Beautiful, Blum weaves reflections from her own journey with inspirational stories from everyday women who chose to take off their masks and live authentically. Through call-to-action questions and ideas, she encourages readers to be brave enough to be who they really are and the beloved that God knows they are.

Brave is the New Beautiful: Finding the Courage to be the Real You is a book that, to me, gives a new look at what truly is beautiful. So many of us are focused on thinking that beauty is defined by expensive clothes, jewelry, trips to the nail and hair salons, staying thin and looking gorgeous on the outside. This book looks beyond the appearance into the beauty that is within everyone–waiting to be tapped and shared. Author Lee Wolfe Blum has beautifully chronicled stories in this book from ladies who’ve faced hardships and revealed to others that bravery is beautiful.

Each chapter focuses on a topic word like Hoping and Trusting. Each story is from real people and Lee’s own experiences with counseling as a mental health professional. At the end of each chapter, there are questions for the reader to reflect and examine themselves.

The general premise of this book is to be courageous in who we are as people. We all have fires to walk through. Our raw honesty, communication with others, and how we cope will provide hope and faith to others.

Blum pin1Readers will find stories about people who have struggled to fight and overcome tremendous life situations. Additionally, some of the stories are very raw and will draw you in emotionally. Others will make you laugh and smile and feel thankful.

Devotional-like, Brave is the New Beautiful is a book that you will enjoy if you love hearing about the testimonies of others. No doubt about it, you will be inspired by the stories documented here.






About the Author

Lee Wolfe Blum is an energetic and passionate speaker who loves to help women find hope in healing from perfectionism and addictions. She works as a mental health practitioner in the field of Eating Disorders and Chemical Dependency. She lives in Minnesota with her husband and three boys.
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