I Said Yes by Emily Maynard Johnson – a Review

I Said Yes

I Said Yes

is an eye-catching title.

When I saw Emily Maynard’s face on a book cover, I was intrigued. I watched her season of The Bachelorette, and I knew her story from her talking about it on TV. Knowing also that she was a believer in Christ, I was interested in reading what she had to say. Reading I Said Yes, as a result, was a no-brainer.

Emily lost her love Ricky Hendrick, a NASCAR race car driver, and found out after his death that she was expecting. She wound up on The Bachelor and then was subsequently made The Bachelorette on ABC’s reality series. I Said Yes is her story: her childhood, relationship with Ricky, raising their daughter Ricki alone (and the ups and downs of single motherhood), and finding happiness again.

Emily’s had a rough life, and that is reflected in the writing. Moreover, there’s a feeling of tumult there, and her emotions are raw at times. At other times, her feelings seem numb. Her open-book approach is satisfactory, and I appreciate that she’s not afraid to put her feelings out there.

Her belief in God and her growth as a Christian is also documented in I Said Yes: her rise from the generalized “Christian” label to the real deal is fleshed out in good depth in the book.

AJ Gregory, author of Messy Faith and Silent Savior, helped in the writing of I Said Yes. It’s well-written, and I could feel the pain and heartache of Emily’s loss and the joy in her finding love. All in all, it’s an enjoyable read and captivating from start to finish. Thumbs-up from me!

If you watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, and specifically if you know Emily’s story, you’ll probably want to check out this book.


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