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Review of: Trust My Heart
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Carol J. Post

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On November 23, 2016
Last modified:March 2, 2017


Grant McAllister arrives in Murphy, North Carolina, with one aim: to sell his inherited property and leave as quickly as possible.

The big-city lawyer has no interest in his late, estranged grandparents or the dilapidated mansion he just acquired. After his high-profile divorce, he should be avoiding perky reporters, too. But Jami Carlisle is honest, funny, and undeniably appealing.

After breaking up with her safe-but-smothering boyfriend, Jami is determined to ace her first big assignment. A story about the McAllister estate is too intriguing to ignore—much like its handsome, commitment-phobic heir. Thanks to her digging, the pieces of Grant’s fraught family history are gradually fitting into place, but also upending all his old beliefs.

The two draw closer as they share their dreams, until misread signals and misunderstandings begin to test their trust. But in the unspoiled beauty of the Smoky Mountains, there’s healing and forgiveness to be found. And for Grant, this unplanned detour may be just what’s needed to finally guide him home…

Trust My Heart

Trust My Heart, written by Carol J. Post, was a really fun read! If you’re looking for a contemporary Christian romance that is light-hearted and fun, definitely give this one your time!

I was drawn in because of the heroine’s name Jami. It is rare to see my own name in a book. After I decided that the book description sounded good, I wanted to read Trust My Heart!

The two main characters, Grant and Jami, seemed like real people. Both had flaws (oh boy–don’t get me started on Grant!) that were realistic. However, they also had endearing qualities that were genuine and felt true to life. I love novels that draw on my emotions, especially if there is some humor, and Trust My Heart includes a good bit of humor!

Jami’s character is a caring, down-to-earth, what-you-see-is-what-you-get type of person. After losing her mother the year before, she is focusing on moving forward and trusting God for her future.

Grant is a no-nonsense business man who has had his share of disappointment and frustration. Along the way, he struggles with the decision to embrace God into his life or to keep doing life on his own.

This is a novel that will remain on my shelf and will likely be passed around to friends and family. I look forward to reading more by Carol Post!

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