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If you’ve been reading my last blog posts, you know that a friend and I are reading the Sweet Valley High books. {At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a running list of reviews and fun posts we’ve done.} Today’s post is a Secrets Q&A and Fashion Board.

Sweet Valley High Homecoming Fashion Board

In Secrets, Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield attend their school’s homecoming dance. Kristin and I decided to focus on the clothes that we think some of the characters may have chosen for the dance. Check out our Homecoming Board and find out who we think would wear these clothes!


Questions Regarding Secrets

1. We know that there were several ghostwriters in the SVH series. If you were chosen to write a book and had to choose to focus on the story of a secondary character from Book 1 or Book 2, who would it be?

I want to know George’s story. As a ghostwriter, I would write his story!

2. Jessica makes it clear that there are no secrets in Sweet Valley. If you were Liz, how would you try to convince Jess to mind her own business?

I certainly wouldn’t go easy on Jessica like Elizabeth does. In all honesty, I would be frank with her and let her know that her meddling is wrong.

3. If you could rewrite one of the events that happened to one character in Secrets, what would it be and how would you change it?

I would like to have seen the homecoming crowning scene fleshed out a bit more to allow the reader to see Jessica’s acquaintances’ responses to her “comeuppance”.

4. What would your 12 year old self have rated this book?

5 stars

5. Would you want your 13 year old to read this?

I wouldn’t mind a teen child of mine reading it.

6. How do you think adolescents today would feel about this book?

Honestly, I think they would be shocked about the fact that a teenager started a rumor about a teacher that wasn’t true and the administration did nothing to investigate the matter.

7. What’s different about life in this story compared to today’s life? (i.e. social, technological advances)

George and Enid exchanged letters in the book. In today’s world, they would have had more options for communication.

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Can Jessica play Bruce Patman’s game and win?

Looks like Jessica’s gotten her way again. Fresh from her greatest social triumph being crowned as Sweet Valley High’s fall queen, Jessica proceeds to go after Bruce Patman, the richest, most handsome, most eligible and sough-after guy at school.

But is Bruce too much for Jessica? Elizabeth notices a big change in her twin once Jessica and Bruce start dating. Suddenly Jessica’s following him everywhere, dropping everything just to spend time with him.

Elizabeth doesn’t trust Bruce one bit—he’s arrogant, demanding, and way too much of a player. Jessica can usually hold her own against any guy, but this time Elizabeth’s afraid her sister may be going too far…

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