Policies on Reviews

I do written reviews on books and products provided to me for free. Sometimes I also will review items that I have already purchased myself.

I Accept Submissions

I am available to review items, if you have a book that you would like me to read and review or a product to sell. I will not review only a portion of a book–it must be the complete draft. ARCs are fine as well. Below, I have listed the items that I would be interested in reviewing:

Fiction: Christian–contemporary, historical, romance, suspense/mystery, youth fiction
Non-fiction: curriculum (church or school), biographies, topics of interest (gardening, cooking, crafts)
Products: beauty items such as shampoos, lotions, soaps, makeup; jewelry; baby/toddler items; toys; video games

You can find a full description on books and products at the following pages: Book Review Policies and Product Review Policies.

*If you think your product may fall into one of those categories, but you’re not sure, you can always contact me.


You will see on occasion some links to websites through which I have a commission-based affiliation. Those affiliations are very low percentage and their placement is to help pay my web costs.

My reviews of ALL items discussed on this site are my honest opinion and will not be swayed by any price.

Family Friendly

This is a website that intends to remain family friendly. If I would be embarrassed for my eleven year old son to read it, it won’t be posted here. G-rating standard.

That said, I will reserve the right, as website owner, to remove any comments that do not hold to that premise.


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