A Box of Awesome Things Matching Game Review

A Box of Awesome Things Matching Game Book Cover A Box of Awesome Things Matching Game
Wee Society
Clarkson Potter
September 26, 2017

You know what’s awesome? Fireflies. Lava. Tacos. Yellow. Wee Society’s compilation of awesome things (also found in An Incomplete Book of Awesome Things) is now a matching game – designed to induce giggles, exercise working memory and spark silly conversations. The game comes with 20 pairs of cards – including one blank pair so kids can draw their own awesome addition. What’s not included: things that are NOT awesome, like cavities, garbage or splinters. It’s designed for all ages. Beginners can take out a few pairs, and work their way up to using all 40 cards.

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Last month, we received A Box of Awesome Things Matching Game by Wee Society. My three-year-old has had a wonderful time with this game. He loves matching games, so I knew this game would be right up his alley.


The premise of this game is like any other matching game. Lay all cards (or choose a smaller amount if your child isn’t quite ready for all 40) on the table, then everyone takes turns turning over pairs. Whoever achieves finding the most matching pairs wins the game.

The game is called A Box of Awesome Things for a reason. The cards are all centered around things that are awesome. Science, tacos, argyle socks, camouflage, etc.  Also included in the box are two white cards for players to draw their own pair of awesome things to match.

These very thick and fairly indestructible cards (I say “fairly” because I’m a mom of boys–I don’t make promises!) are a perfect size for little hands. The box they come in is a sturdy flip-top container that doesn’t necessarily close. If the box is turned upside down, the cards will come falling out.

Final Thoughts

I have no complaints about this matching game. It has already provided a ton of fun for my preschooler. The box is also small enough to fit into my tote bag that I take along with us when we’re out and about.

I believe that this is a game that will be able to withstand the test of time in my house. I like the fact that the cards are very thick and not easily bent!

The card themes are appropriate for little ones on up to adults, so I think that this is a matching game that all ages could appreciate.

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